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This epic hardcover volume gives you an as-yet-unseen look at the master artist's actual drawing process with figure studies, character designs, expression and gesture studies and more. Every stunning illustration is meticulously scanned from PCR's personal, private sketchbooks, and the artist himself provides illuminating background information and notes. The book is 250 pages, approximately 11" by 8.5" dimension-wise (landscape-formatted), with a matte-laminated hardcover.

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  • Standard Edition

Customer Feedback

"I got my book last week. It's beautiful, easily the best Kickstarter book in both design and content that I've been rewarded with. I feel very happy to have been part of bringing this exquisite book to life. Kudos to the incomparable Mr. Russell for creating all those wonderful sketches and to his book designer for putting it together so wonderfully. Great job, gentlemen." 

About The Artist

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in painting, P. Craig Russell has run the gamut in comics. After establishing a name for himself at Marvel on Killraven and Dr. Strange, he went on to become one of the pioneers who opened new vistas for this underestimated field with, among other works, adaptations of operas by Mozart (The Magic Flute), Strauss (Salome) and Wagner (The Ring of the Nibelung). Russell is also known for his Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde series as well as his graphic novel adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, Coraline, Murder Mysteries and American Gods.